EUCODIS Bioscience - Tailored Biocatalysis

EUCODIS delivers high-performance enzyme solutions for highly specific applications in biopharma, fine chemicals, cosmetics industry and others.

With a portfolio of over 50 enzymes including innovative lipases, beta-lactamases, peroxidases and other enzymes EUCODIS Bioscience has a proven track record of providing customized enzyme solutions.

EUCODIS Bioscience provides customized services in recombinant protein and enzyme production by covering the whole spectrum of bioprocess development up to industrial-scale manufacture of your target proteins under ISO9001.

INVISTA and Eucodis Bioscience collaborate on development of enzymes for production of industrial chemicals

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INVISTA and Eucodis Bioscience, an Austrian biotechnology company with strong expertise in enzyme engineering
and industrial enzyme development, announce a collaboration for the screening and engineering of enzymes to further develop bio-derived processes for the production of industrial chemicals.

CTAT: Further proof-of-concept data presented at PEGS Boston 2014

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EUCODIS presented latest developments of CTATTM,  its proprietary ADC linker technology at the10th Annual Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) in Boston, May 5th – 9th.
CTATTM is a novel, enzyme-based technology for the directed c-terminal conjugation of antibodies with a broad spectrum of different payload molecules. In contrast to existing first generation chemical linker technologies or second generation site-specific linker technologies, the CTATTM technology combines the benefits of efficient c-terminal, site-directed conjugation without affecting the specificity and stability of the antibody.