BioConSepT – BioConversion and Separation Technology

BioConSepT is a 13 Mill. EUR EU-funded project which aims to produce consumer goods out of biomass, i.e. plant matter, which is not competing with the food chain. Non-edible fats & oils and wood will be the feedstock (“ingredients”) of the of the 2nd generation biomass process. Additionally, it aims to be 30% cheaper and 30% more sustainable than the corresponding chemical routes or the biotechnology processes starting from 1st generation edible feedstocks.

Please read the current Bioconsept Newsletter here.



Since 2010, EUCODIS Bioscience has a sales alliance with evocatal, a German enzyme manufacturer. As a result, our customers can select more products and services.



University of Halle

EUCODIS Bioscience is an industrial partner of the Martin-Luther Universität in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

Martin-Luther-Universit�t Halle-Wittenberg


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

EUCODIS Bioscience has a collaboration with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria.